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1977 Rederij De Pauw
1999 Euronext Brussels
2000 WDP France
2001 Expansion to the Netherlands
2006 Growth Plan 2006-09
2007 WDP Romania
2008 Solar energy project
2011 Growth plan 2011-13
2013 Growth plan 2013-16
2015 Euronext Amsterdam
2016 Growth plan 2016-20
2017 Entrepreneur of the year
2019 Growth plan 2019-23
2020 Upgrade growth plan 2019-23

Build-up real estate portfolio of the Jos De Pauw family in Belgium (Rederij de Pauw). tijdlijn-1977-1

IPO. Activities expand to Italy and Czech Republic.

Expansion of the property portfolio in France.

The Netherlands is added as a new region.

Strategic growth plan 2006-09: doubling the portfolio value to 700 million euros.

Entry into the Romanian market. tijdlijn-2007-1

Launch solar energy project (30Mwp). 1 million m² of lettable area in the real estate portfolio.

Strategic growth plan 2011-13: Three pillars of growth: leases, CO2-neutral portfolio and acquisitions. tijdlijn-solar

Strategic Growth Plan 2013-16: portfolio expansion by 50% to 1.8 billion euros and cumulative increase in EPRA earnings per share by 20 to 25%.

WDP's share is also listed on euronext amsterdam. Objectives for 2013-16 growth plan achieved one year earlier: portfolio of approximately 2 billion euros and EPRA earnings per share of 0.71 euros.

Strategic growth plan 2016-20: targeted portfolio growth by 1 billion euros to 3 billion euros and a cumulative increase in earnings per share of 25%. WDP is included in the AMX index. Luxembourg as a new core market.

WDP named 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year. Increase targeted of investment volume growth plan 2016-20 to 1.25 billion euros through further growth within existing geographic core markets. tijdlijn-2017-1

Strategic growth plan 2019-23: Targeted annual portfolio growth of 10% to 5 billion euros and an annual increase in EPRA earnings of 6% to 1.15 euros by 2023. WDP is included in BEL 20. Regional expansion to Germany. First ABB for GVV/SIR. Legal form converted to NV/SA. Implementation of ESG Roadmap 2019-23. Share split by a factor of 7. tijdlijn-building

A robust balance sheet, a strong liquidity and diversified portfolio support WDP during the Covid-19 pandemic. After two-thirds of the targeted investment volume being identified, WDP is sharpening its ambitions within the 2019-23 growth plan, both in terms of investment volume (+500 million euros towards 2 billion euros) and EPRA earnings per share (from min. 1.15 euro per share in 2023 to min. 1.25 euro per share in 2024).

#TeamWDP was able to achieve its targeted growth despite the challenging year of 2020. The Covid-19 outbreak has highlighted the crucial importance of the logistics sector more than ever. 2020 marked a significant step in the 2019-23 growth plan and we are upgrading our ambitions. In this way, we can contribute to the future development of critical infrastructure for the post-Covid economy. 

Joost Uwents - CEO WDP