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Are you looking for a way to do business more sustainably and do your bit for a better climate and healthier environment?

Then gasless building and renovation is the solution! There are plenty of alternatives to keep your business operational and profitable in a sustainable way.

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To save the climate and keep a healthy eye on the future, the Netherlands is continuing to prepare for a complete switch-off of the gas network. After all, by 2030 greenhouse gases must be reduced by some 49% and by 2050 even to almost 100%. This applies not only to homes, but also companies must make the necessary adaptations to be natural gas-free by these deadlines.

In this white paper, you will learn more about what exactly gasless building means for your business, commercial or logistics property, what the benefits and challenges are. Download the white paper and read on!


What does the white paper offer you?

In this white paper we explain in detail why gas-free building is so important and what it actually means. We discuss alternatives to natural gas that are often used and we also give some important points for consideration if you are considering building without gas. This way you will be aware of the possible challenges you may face. 

We also discuss the various advantages of gasless building for your company, commercial and logistics real estate. So you immediately know what added value you can get out of your investment. 

Finally, we would like to give you a nice practical example and let our expert speak for some additional insights.

We were looking for partners who had a proven track record of handling such a large-scale project. When WDP presented its plans, all stakeholders immediately had a seat at the table.

Willy Raemdonck - Site Manager for GDC at Barry Callebaut

The different chapters of this white paper

Of course, in this white paper, we explain what gasless building exactly means and what the obligations for companies currently are, but we also discuss the following points:

Alternatives to natural gas

What are the challenges of building gas-free?

The benefits of building gasless for companies

Project case

Expert view