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A virtual tour of a WDP warehouse


What could your future warehouse look like, both inside and out? Where are the loading docks and the automated gates? Is there sufficient daylight coming into the offices? How are the buildings insulated, which facilities are present on-site and what sustainable technology is used throughout.

You no longer need to wade through tedious brochures to find answers to these questions. Just open WDP Xplore and embark on a journey of discovery. It’s surprisingly easy and works perfectly on laptops and tablets. Visualize, discover and gain insights into the distribution centre of the future.

Better insights with hotspots


Click on the hotspots shown on several amenities, as well as on walls, floors, heating and technical installations. The pop-up that appears shows you everything you need to know about the feature of your choice.

The green hotspots provide intel on all things sustainability: solar panels, led lighting, energy monitoring and much more.

All the intel you need

Every WDP warehouse can be tailored to your needs. Want more information or have specific preferences? Flag them through the wdp.options module in the tool. We’ll get you all the info you need. Make sure to set the tool to the country of your choosing, so that the warehouse can be fully aligned with local standards. WDP Xplore is available in Dutch, English, and French.

Step right into our standard warehouse. Experience the surroundings, the design, the interior, the technical features and the offices. Want to learn even more about WDP? Check out the media library inside the tool for more reference projects and photo material.

Belgium - Luxembourg - France
The Netherlands