Sale and Lease Back with WDP

Better use of real estate capital!

Every company searches non-stop for the optimal balance between growth and security, ambition and safety. You want to keep investing with a strong focus on your long-term strategy. While at the same time you want to keep your liquidity position healthy. With a Sale & Lease Back operation of your logistics real estate, you can keep everything in balance.

What is Sale and Lease Back?

With a Sale & Lease Back operation, you can tap into the capital of your real estate. As a real estate owner, you have a considerable financial reserve in the form of land and properties. With a Sale & Lease Back provided by WDP, you will be able to release the capital of your property, so you can invest profitably in the future of your company. And you ensure both the operational continuity and the strategic ambitions of your company.

In addition, you can rely on WDP's expertise for the management, expansion or renovation of your real estate portfolio. You can count on a reliable, experienced partner to keep your commercial property in top condition – always tailored to your business strategy, of course.

How does Sale and Lease Back work?

  • You sell your logistic real estate to WDP, maximizing your financial resources.

  • With a customized plan you rent back the property for an agreed time and period. We base the price on the term and rental value.

You will have easy access to the resources your company needs to invest in your core business. And you are fully committed to healthy business operations and an optimal balance.


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WDP offers a comprehensive Sale & Lease Back service. We buy your property and you rent it back for an agreed period of time. This way you can quickly get started with the capital that is released when selling your real estate. As a result, you can keep investing in you business and your growth strategy will get every opportunity. A smart strategic decision with some important benefits.

The benefits of Sale and Lease Back with WDP

A Sale and Lease Back operation offers several benefits to your business:

Core business

You can focus on your core business


More possibilities to invest

Business strategy

More financial breathing space for your business strategy 


More cash for healthy growth

Liquidity and creditworthiness

You can use the released capital for other purposes

Balance sheet

An improved liquidity position and balance sheet

Testimonial Sligro

Sligro is a catering wholesaler for Belgian and Dutch food professionals. In order to release capital invested in real estate, the company strategically chose Sale and Lease Back. Sligro sold their logistic real estate to WDP, combined with a 15-year lease. Discover in the video below or in this article the most important reasons that made Sligro choose WDP as a longterm partner in the Sale and Lease Back operation.

Testimonial SipWell

SipWell is the Belgian market leader for water coolers and offers excellent service. Because SipWell wanted to optimize its financing and the building itself is not a core activity, they wanted to remove it from their balance sheet. To finance the building in a different way, SipWell has considered various options. Find out in the video below why they opted for a sale and leaseback transaction with a specialised property player.

We have noticed that WDP knows it’s not only about the sale price, but also the lease.

Adriette Broeders - head of property management Sligro

Discover everything about Sale and Lease Back with WDP

A Sale & Lease Back operation can play a key role in your business strategy. Would you like to explore the possibilities of a Sale & Lease Back with WDP for your company?

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