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The logistics sector and the pharmaceutical industry are two worlds that are evolving at lightning speed. Driven by innovation, specialisation, and the eternal quest for greater efficiency, these sectors are constantly looking for ways to best serve their customers. What does this evolution look like, in concrete terms, at the place where these sectors two come together - Pharma and Medical Healthcare Logistics?

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What does the trend report offer you?

Together with experts and business leaders from this fascinating sector, we went looking for the trends that are making their mark on the world of Pharma and Medical Healthcare Logistics today. Which changes have had the greatest impact in recent years? And which evolutions can we expect in the next decade?

What does this trend report contain?

It contains clear answers to the 4 most important emerging trends.


Cold chain: the need for lower temperatures raises the bar higher and higher.

Security & tracking: the continuing quest for greater security.

The major impact of booming E-commerce.

Automatisatie en robotics: opening the door to greater efficiency.

The market will continue to be increasingly segmented. There is still a significant margin for providing our customers with customised service. That remains an interesting challenge for our sector.

David Vanhuysse - Terumo Europe