De Jong Packaging

Vertical innovation of 100,000 m2





De Jong Packaging, an ambitious company active in packaging for all kinds of industries, needed a larger site due to significant business growth. The current location in De Lier, the Netherlands, had about 50,000 m2 of surface area, too small for the desired and necessary expansion. With WDP as a construction partner, De Jong Packaging looked for and found a suitable solution: a multi-layer distribution center at the current production site. The result: 50,000 m2 suddenly became 100,000, with additional facilities such as 32 loading docks, fully automated storage with crane tracks and conveyor belts.

WDP facilitates De Jong Packaging with a multi-level warehouse including access to the adjacent production facility in De Lier, the Netherlands.

Michiel Assink - Country Manager WDP The Netherlands

Progress of the construction

June - August 2021
Pilings, earthwork, foundations
Start construction works
September 2021
Start construction assembly
Start high-rise construction
October 2021
Start high-rise assembly
Start roof insulation
December 2021
Roof panels, insulation and roof covering
Start technical works
March 2022
F, W & S installation
Installation of loading docks
June - July 2022
Development of docking area
Completion of construction
November 2022
Completion of furnishing: February 2023