Secured Portfolio growth

Fantastic progress in 2019-23 growth plan


“As part of the current 2019-23 growth plan, as of the end of 2020, WDP has identified a total investment package of 1 billion euros, representing two-thirds of the targeted cumulative volume of 1.5 billion euros. Supported by robust foundations, a positive structural tailwind, as well as new opportunities arising from the Covid-19 crisis, WDP is already formulating the next step in its continued consistent and profitable growth.”

Joke Cordeels - Investor relations

Ambition 2023


to 6 billion euros
(+500 mio euros)

growth of 2 billion euros

growth of 10% a year

Ambition 2024


to at least 1.25 euro

growth of 6% a year

cumulative growth of 45%

Ambition 2024


towards 1.00 euro

growth of 6% a year