Preparing the plot for construction

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We’ve already brought you up to speed on WDP’s project for De Jong Packaging in De Lier, the Netherlands. And we’ve already told you how this cutting-edge, multi-layered warehouse sets a new standard in efficient land use and operational efficiency.

Today, we’re proud to tell you that the first pile of the project was driven into the ground, and the construction works have officially started. The final delivery is set for Q3 2022.

The first step of the project

Willy Naessens is the construction partner of choice for this project, following up on everything from start to finish and delivering it wind and waterproof.

First step: preparing the plot for construction so that the heavy machinery can move on-site with ease. Five impressive pile drivers were brought to the site, which will drive three different pole types into the ground. The types vary in terms of length and carrying capacity.

An exclusive look behind the scenes

Curious about how that looks in real life? Get a look at the behind-the-scenes footage of the construction of this one-of-a-kind, unique, multi-layered distribution centre. Check out the video below!