What is Sale and Lease Back?

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Are you non-stop looking for the ideal balance between security and growth, safety and ambitions? Do you want to keep investing with a strong focus on your long-term strategy, but at the same time keep your liquidity position healthy? With a Sale & Lease Back operation of your logistic real estate, you can keep everything in balance.

Many companies in various businesses have experienced the added value of the Sale and Lease Back principle themselves. But what does this principle mean? Discover more about it in our extensive e-book.

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What does this e-book offer you?

In this e-book we explain in detail what a Sale and Lease Back transaction entails. We will discuss the factors to consider before entering into such credit, as well as which company or enterprise a Sale and Lease Back transaction is most suitable for.

In addition, we explain what the benefits of Sale and Lease Back are, ranging from financial and tax benefits to far-reaching expansion options.

Finally, we will explore a Sale and Lease Back agreement in a practical example. This gives you more insight into the market and possibilities for your company.

What components does this e-book contain?

Of course, this e-book explains what the Sale and Lease Back principle entails and what its advantages are, but we also discuss the following points:


Why you should choose Sale and Lease Back. 

Which factors are important in a Sale and Lease Back agreement

What makes Sale and Lease Back with WDP so successful

Practical example